How Are Issues Of Today Explored In Science Fiction

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There are global issues today that need to be solved. These not only exist in the real world but even in a science fiction novel. We can see many examples in the novel "The Other Side of the Island". Examples of racism, lack of individuality and inequality can be seen throughout the novel. An example of lack of individuality is the fact that everyone is the same and no one is allowed to be different. We can also see examples of inequality because every individual can only have a respectable job once. Finally, we can see examples of racism where the corporation has all the power and the orderlies have none and are looked down upon due to the fact they are orderlies.

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In today's world unemployment is rising at an alarming rate and once you leave a job, it is difficult to find a new job. Tasks that can be performed by humans are now being replaced by robots and computer technology, therefore disabling job opportunities. For example, a cashier gets paid much less than an engineer does but the job opportunities for the cashier is higher than that of the engineer. When the engineer leaves his job, it will be harder and timely for him to find another.

In the novel "The Other Side of the Island", there is a strong theme of inequality. "The Corporation" controls all aspects of every island. The Corporation is capable of doing anything they desire to do, they choose what the general public must be like and how they must behave. When people do not follow the rules of the corporation and get caught they will be converted into orderlies. The corporation has banned computers, books, painting and other leisurely activities from home use. There are the...

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