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How Are Leisure Corporations Adapting Their Products To Accommodate A Growing And More Diversified Global Leisure Demand? Support Your Discussion

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In this essay I am going to look at the different aspects of leisure and how the corporations are adapting their products due to the global leisure demand. With the UK being an online mature market and having strong online retail sales of £12.3 billion (2011) and growing at a rate of 4.3% CAGR, I will focus on different emerging economies such as the BRIC countries and concentrate on how this has been supported by leisure corporations and how they have adapted their current portfolio of products to meet these new needs of the consumers. I will also investigate how these corporations are becoming more technology aware, and are using this knowledge to give the consumer a personalised ...view middle of the document...

As the leisure industry has expanded, there has been an increase in the demand to travel to new regions. An example of this are the amount of ‘off limit’ counties which have become open to American tourists. These counties are hoping to benefit economically through the tourism, and it could be suggested that America is expected to grow in domestic and international travel as the demand increases, despite America’s weak economic recovery.

This expansion demand has given travel and tour operators and leisure corporations enough resources to create package holidays which cater to this growing demand (world travel market 2012 global trends). When examining the predicted figures of international inbound tourism for 2030 (figure 2) (UNTWO) compared with the same chart for 2010 (figure1), there is a clear increase in the number of tourists who want to experience these new regions. Another example showing this data is the percentage of tourism inbound to Europe was at 51% in 2010 and in 2030 41% with Asia and the pacific showing an 8% increase. This information the demand for more international tourism and also where the individual countries within these regions are opening up to tourism to help their economies benefit. This idea of expanding international travel has been pushed forward dramatically by the aviation industry producing different varieties of plane, for example the introduction of the larger A380 or the Dreamliner which look at optimising comfort for the traveller.
With Asian and Pacific countries gaining a majority of the new arrivals, an increase of 331 million over 2 decades (UNTWO 2011), this has made Asia one of the fastest growing nations, and experiencing almost 9 million extra tourists a year it will become the sub region which receives the most international arrivals (UNTWO 2011). This data shows the growth and want for travel to new places and for consumers to be part of the experience market. The rapid growth could also be an impacting factor on the idea of rising airline costs as consumers want affordable travel and before prices start to rise.
With this in mind the travel industry often enhance aviation to entice consumers into taking longer flights, as they have the options of optimum comfort on long-haul journeys.
The leisure industry is constantly growing and adapting with demands from the consumer. Some leisure corporations have taken on board this new information and vastly improved their product range to match the demands of the consumer and have expanded extensively, creating a wide portfolio of merchandise to meet the different consumer needs. An example of this can be seen within the hotel sector, A new brand of hotels are now moving from the idea of being close to the shopping malls to being inside them for easy access. This is primarily due to retail therapy still remaining an important activity, and an attractive retail offer of shopping and an overnight stay for tourists can often help to drive up...

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