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How Are Relationships Presented In Twice? Essay

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How are relationships presented in twice? Answer the question, talk about the title and bring in some context.

The two main relationships are the speaker’s relationship with a man and her relationship with God. Though these two relations are more explicitly explored it’s important to note how the speaker’s relationship with herself transitions throughout the poem. After her failed relationship with her lover she seeks redemption from God suggesting that the love she tried to claim from the man she loved can never be as fulfilling as her devote love to God. The term used in Christianity is known as ‘agape’, an eternal, unconditional love. It is a love that can only come from an individual with moral nature and a strong character; her relationship with God has strengthened her character from the ‘weak’ woman she once was when she plunged her heart in earthly affections – ‘agape’ is only reserved for God and can never be compared to the mere love found in earth of sexual and even family love, the greatness of ‘agape’ love towards her God is what allows the reader to overcome her failed relationship. The vast difference in the type of love found on earth and the love an individual can have with God highlights that an individual’s relationship with God can never lead to disappointment as opposed to love found on earth, a belief that resonated with Rossetti.

The first stanza and fourth stanza are mirrors of one another, the shift from ‘O my love’ to ‘O my God’ is important. The ‘O’ in both presents passion and a sense of self-determination in her dictating her feelings, the ‘my’ further expands on this as it indicates a sense of possession that the love is hers. The change in ‘love’ to ‘God’ also indicates how her priorities have changed. The brackets in the first stanza suggest that though she was declaring her love, in some sense, it was restricted and not as prevailing as her love for God, her love for God has no brackets as it indicates that she fully embraces this ‘agape’ love and it is relevant in all aspects of her life. The uncertainty of her relationship with the man is further explored by the repetition of ‘Let me’, her choices are limited in this type of love and she may only ‘live’ or ‘die’ whereas she has consolidated her love in God where she ‘shall not die, but live’, her relationship with the man confines her and allows her to reduce her self-worth, even when he rejects her heart has ‘broke’ – the repetition of broke and the separation between two lines suggests that she’s left heartbroken and presumably...

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