How Are Some Groups Marginalised Within Society? What Effect Might This Have On A Person's Leisure Choices?

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People are marginalised in society by feeling devalued and labelled. Minority groups such as the unemployed, psychiatric patients, people with disabilities both intellectual and physical, prisoners, ethnic groups, and the gay and lesbian community are often discriminated against (Fullagar, 2002One of the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in society are people with an intellectual disability they often face feelings of fear, guilt, in addition to physical barriers and limitations. People with developmentally delayed need a wide range of leisure programmes to choose from. The principle of Normalization has led to equal rights for people with special needs. Providing people with inclusive leisure programmes with non-disabled persons assists with their socialisation. However, lack of tolerance in the community at large, financial constraints, difficulties in accessing transport as well as skill deficiencies can inhibit some people from participating. (Paterson, 2002).Social and leisure activities such as reading, relaxing and watching television occupies a considerable amount of time although, with emotional support from family and friends, the person with an intellectual disability may be encouraged to participate in a 'dance' or 'swimming class'.Marginalised groups often feel stigmatised discriminated against and excluded from society. (Goffman,1997). This is certainly the case for people infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They have to cope with loss of employment, rejection by members in their social network often feeling isolated, impoverished and frequently requiring hospitalisation. The Aids Council offers individual programmes as well as a network of social groups for leisure activities. A caseworker explained that it is extremely difficult for the HIV/AIDS...

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