How Are The Concepts Of The Journey Expressed Through The Context, Values And Structure Of The Texts Chosen For The 'area Of Study'?

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Journeys enatil numerous concepts, from which the notions of a physical journey mayalso be superimposed with the journey of intellectual discovery, self awareness,and global understanding (which are the basic concepts of the imaginative journey).In Coleridge's 'This Lime-Tree Bower, My Prison' the imaginative journey is used as astimulus for the reponder's transportation of time and place thoughout the poemuntil a human experience of spiritual awakening is reached and a link has been createdto the physical realm. Coleridge, through 'Kubla Khan' also manages to portray a non-picturesque metaphysical message concerning the power of an artistic mind with theuse of the unifying force of the imagination. This can also be seen in Margeret Atwood'spoem 'Journeying to the Interior,' where the dark interior of mental breakdown hasbecome the focus, and the imaginary journey is used to unify the persona's attributesin the physical realm and her other attributes beyond the physical. 'The Wind in theWillows' (extract) from Kenneth Grahames novel, potrays several imaginative journeyconcepts, from which the focal point of the extract is emphasied on the journey itselfrather than the destination; taking the responder to a world of imagination, speculationand inspiration through the use of his characters; Toad, Mole and Rat. The notion of ajourney of self awareness is also prominant throughout the lyrics of Buffy the VampireSlayer's 'Walk Through the Fire' from which the 'fire' is used as a metaphoricalmotivation for the persona's awareness of self.Concepts of the imaginative journey can be evidently identified in Coleride's 'Lime-TreeBower, My Prison.' The contrast of "that branchless ash, unsunn'd and damp" to"With lively joy the joys we cannot share" is the result of the persona's journey to adifferent time and place, from the physical to the "wide, wide heaven," world ofimagination. The persona's physical confinement at the begining of the poem has beenportrayed by Coleridge's interspersed lines of "The roaring dell, o'erwooded, narrow,deep." Here he feels the confinement of the physical realm and it is not until hetranscends to the journey of the imagination that he leaves behind his state of"blindenss" in his "lime-tree bower, my (the persona's) prison!" and sees "thou gloriousSun!... 'and'... Ocean!" while on his journey of the imagination. Throughout thepersona's imaginative journey, the presence of sensory imagery and the personificationof nature becomes prominant. "Ye purple heath-flowers! richlier burn, ye clouds! Live inthe yellow light, ye distant groves!" Near the end of the poem the persona experiencesa spiritual awakening, "This little lime-tree bower..." no longer a "prison!""...have I (the persona) mark'd Much that has sooth'd me" and becomes "Awake to(the) Love and Beauty! (of nature)" after realising "That Nature ne'ver deserts the wiseand pure," leading the responder to also discover the rejuvinating qualities of thenatural, through the...

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