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“How Are The Variety Of Truths In The Bible Shown Through The Different Literary Forms Such As Myths, Law, And Apocalyptic Writings?”

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The bible comes in a variety of truths. These truths are scientific truth, historical truth, symbolic truth, proverbial truth, moral truth, and religious truth. In the bible these truths are expressed through different types of literary forms such as myths, law, and apocalyptic writings. These different truths are understood and recognized by some but not to others. While a story in the bible may not be true, they have a symbolic meaning behind it, some people may not see the symbolic meaning and see the story as set in stone. These types of people are called literalists.

Biblical Truth in Myths
Myths often convey the symbolic truth. Symbolic truth is often a religious hidden meaning behind ...view middle of the document...

Another way of saying law is Jewish Torah, Torah meaning way of living or law. In law the Moral truth is present, moral truth tells us what is right and wrong, what we must do and how we must live if we want to be good people and close to God. Law would tell the Hebrews how to live and what they must and must not do.
Limitation of Literalists
When following the teaching of the laws a complication occurs, the fact that the Hebrews back then have different morals compared to present. According to Hebrew morality, if a person poked out your eye, you were permitted to poke out one of his; if he knocked out your tooth, you could knock out one of his. When Literalists read these types of stories they would see a way they are set to live, and what to live by. Forgetting that times have changed and different things are acceptable.

Biblical Truth in Apocalyptic Writings
The apocalyptic writings are stories that tell of a revelation given to people through someone sent by God. These stories are present in the Book of Revelation. They were written for Catholics who were suffering under Roman oppression, to give them hope that their faith will give them life after death. These stories present the symbolic truth behind the stories of Gods word. The symbols refer to features – persons, institutions and events – of the time in which the Book was written.
Limitation of Literalists
It is important for modern readers to...

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