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How Being Economically Disadvantaged Affect's People

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Being born into economically disadvantaged family causes dilemmas before the kid is even born. Gulick states that “Economically disadvantaged students have it tougher before they are born because they have less prenatal care if any at all” (1). Because the babies do not even have the care they need before they are born they end up being born with problems that are not spectacular. “Children born into poverty have lower birth weights, and many suffer from hunger and poor nutrition. When the youth suffer from poor nutrition and low birth rates it causes many complications for the hospital staff, the babies family, and causes stress on whoever pays the medical bill because the baby might possibly have to stay at the hospital longer. Once the kid is born the dilemmas go on and on. So how does being economically disadvantage affect people?
Hunger is a gigantic complication for economically impoverished people because without money no food can be bought. “Estacado High School principal Sam Ayers recalls getting regular visits an average of two days a week from a hungry student” (Gulick 1). Being hungry can cause the loss of concentration at school and make the students grades drop. Gulick explains how concentration is lost by the hungry kids “Regardless of age, if you are hungry, it is hard to concentrate on the teaching and learning going on in the classroom” (1). Less concentration causes lower grades for the economically handicapped students says Gulicks report from school districts, ”It follows districts and campuses with higher percentages of economically deprived students that are more likely to have lower test scores” (5). The student’s grades are low because buying books and going to the library is an extra expense. Because the books are an extra expense most kids do nothing fun when they get home. “Children in poverty tend to watch television too much, according to “Educational Leadership.” They do not have many, if any, books at home. They are slower to develop cognitively” (Gulick 2). When kids are just watching television all day it does nothing spectacular for them it just takes away from learning time. Reading is a fun thing to do and it helps people learn something not known each time someone read. “Reading activates and exercises the mind… Reading pushes us to use our imagination and makes us more creatively inclined” (Carter 2009). Reading is extremely important to gain knowledge and wisdom. “The doors of the world are opened to people who can read” (Carter 2009). Reading books increases the vocabulary a person will use forever and will always need it for everyday activities. “Research from the National Association of Education of Young Children shows 3-year olds in poverty situations know 600 fewer words than those from middle-class families, said Denise Mattson, Lubbock Independent School District executive director of school support service” (Gulick 2). Mattson also says “The gap widens to 4,000 words by second grade” (Gulick...

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