How Benjamin Franklin Influenced The History Of The American People History Essay

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How Benjamin Franklin influenced the history of the American people

Benjamin Franklin is described as one of the most famous people in the history of the United States of America. He has influenced history down the line since he was born in 1706 to his death in 1790 at the age of 84, having been named one of the founding fathers of the nation. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts where he was the eight born child of their family of seven sisters and nine brothers. Ben, as he was known, had a lot experience and knew what it felt like growing up in a large family because of the many siblings he grew up with. He grew up to make history by being an author, an entrepreneur, a scientist, and a wise states man and above all, he had good leadership skills (Tanford, 1989).
His success as an author was realized at a tender age while working in his brother’s print shop whereby he would alias his letters and then slip them under the door of the shop at night. The articles in the letters were so great that his brother published them and they became the talk of the town. His brother was angry with him after finding out that it was him (Ben) and not the middle aged lady that wrote the letters. He then ran away from home to Pennsylvania at 17 where he worked for several printing firms until he became independent. While there he formed a group of artisans who would share different ideologies about the issues concerning the writing industry. The group, under bens leadership formed the library company which up to date exists having moved and changed names severally to become what is known as the Independence Hall. The library holds a lot of America’s historical books and many more exotic books (Cohen, 1990).
His entrepreneurial skills as shown by his zeal towards opening his own printing press and becoming an owner and publisher of a renown gazette is one to reckon with. He had a very huge appetite for power as displayed by his fast rising up the ladder a few years after being introduced to the Masonic world. The man rose up to the rank of grandmaster in just under four years in 1734. It was then that he published his first Masonic book; the book was an edited version of a book by James Anderson.
Apart from just being an author and a visionary, his scientific interest, skills and inventions gave him just as enough publicity as anyone would have. He was a great scientist and he had a lot to show for it starting from some of his inventions like the lightning rod which was as a result of the kite experiment. Although many skeptics say that nothing happened during the experiment, Ben himself wrote letters saying that there was some electricity on the key. Some say that he was insulated and had he not; he would have died in the experiment. Some of his other inventions were the flexible urinary catheters which according to historical books were never patented. He had a lot of contribution to make towards modern electricity since he used his printing press to...

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