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How Can An Organization Use An Intranet To Achieve Knowledge Sharing Among Its Employees?

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Organizations can effectively use the intranet to achieve knowledge sharing within it. According to Robertson (2004), the intranet can provide a dynamic living environment necessary for knowledge sharing. This aspect is also supported by Averweg (2011) who states that knowledge management involves the contribution of knowledge in organizations especially in the sharing of knowledge in informal infrastructure, essentially through communities of structure. Organizations can enable this through the acquisition of necessary infrastructure for the same. Essentially, the intranet contains technology tools that support knowledge sharing.

Robertson (2004) further emphasizes the significance of intranet in knowledge sharing by stating how organizations can achieve its functions. First, the organization can establish communities of practice. This is critical in the establishment of the importance of less formal knowledge sharing among peers, whereby the employees generally take the responsibility of knowledge dissemination and eventually seep out this knowledge to the entire organization. According to Robertson (2004), the intranet establishes a collaborative environment. Be it in the form of feedback or opinions, all the ideas eventually promote aspects of good communication and eventually sharing of information and knowledge (Sherrard et al, n.d).

Staff directories and expertise finders, all important entities of the intranet enable interpersonal communication through personalization of directories for example through use of personal photos. This is important as it assists in the allocation of people. The organization chart can help search people in specific business areas, especially those people with the definite expertise that a person seeks. It can also assist in project allocation, knowing what specific people are up to and helps in contacting staff for certain knowledge and information functions that a person needs (Robertson 2004).

The intranet should be easily accessible for it to be effective in knowledge functions- staff must easily be able to contribute, manage and update content on site without specialist skills, and workflows should also be easy to understand; this is the function of the organization. People can place ideas on platforms and these will progressively be modified or rejected but overall knowledge sharing is encouraged (Mpindiwa 2010). Cultural change is critical in the effectiveness of the intranet as a knowledge management tool and...

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