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How Does Book One Prepare Us For The Rest Of Aeneid?

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Virgil had several aims in constructing his epic, The Aeneid. Having studied and admired the work of Homer, he wanted to create a classic of Odyssean and Iliadic quality that charted the glory of the Romans rather than the Greeks. Through allusions to his inspiration, he hoped to elevate himself in order to be viewed as an author of Homer's calibre. He evidently intends to emphasise the destiny element of Rome's foundation, convincing his reader that it was a design created by the Gods. Virgil is passionately nationalistic, accentuating the suffering caused by the Greeks in contrast with the Trojans strength and success after the initial loss of the war. He hoped this would reflect the high patriotic hopes in Rome at the time, and encourage peace and prosperity after years of civil wars.Book One of the Aeneid skilfully introduces these themes by provoking questions that can only be answered by reading the rest of the epic. The story immediately captures the reader's attention by opening 'in medias res' with Aeneas caught in troubles that he inevitably must get out of. He is at a point where the misery of his past is still vivid, but the possibility of a brighter future is imminent. This literary device is used both in The Iliad and The Odyssey, and Virgil alludes to Homer from the outset, calling on the muse 'I sing of arms and of the man' despite being a written, rather than oral epic. This prepares the reader for a story of both war and the characteristics of the Roman male protagonist, based on destiny in the form of the Gods, with Juno's 'unforgetting anger' as the motivation for the plot.Aeneas' troubles are explained by this divinity's hatred which is due to him being Trojan, the nationality of Paris who rejected her for Venus at the judgement, and the nationality of Ganymede who is her husband's favourite. She is also aware that Aeneas is destined to take Carthage, which she 'is said to have loved more than any other place,' adding to her bitterness. However, this is also a cunning device by Virgil informing the reader that Aeneas will overthrow the wrath of this goddess and one day overcome his suffering: 'she had heard that there was rising from the blood of Troy a race of men who in days to come would overthrow this Tyrian citadel'. Whilst this 'gives away' the epic's plot, it visibly heightens suspense as to how Aeneas, who is introduced in such a hopeless situation, will ever overcome his troubles, thus preparing us for the rest of the tale.In order to elevate his hero, Virgil immediately portrays Juno, ally of the Greeks, as manipulative and lacking in respect for rules. She disobeys Neptune by persuading Aeolus to release his winds and shipwreck Aeneas and his men so full of hope for returning home. Virgil evokes sympathy for Aeneas by introducing him in a fragile and deplorable situation: 'groaning, he lifted his palms upward to the stars and cried.' This highlights the malice of Juno, and the hardship Aeneas has to endure, which...

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