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How Can College Students Overcome Homesickness

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College is an institution where students from various walks of life come to study for degree. However, for most students it’s a new chapter in their lives as they have to leave the comfort of home. Homesickness is a common issue among college students, particularly international students. Being an international student myself, I have experienced such phenomena. Ho (2010) reports that being homesick isn’t sorely about missing home itself but missing the things we love at home. Nonetheless, college students can overcome homesickness by making the most of what they have. College students can overcome homesickness by keeping in touch, making new friends and bringing home to school.
The first solution to homesickness is keeping in touch, often times when students leave home for college, they feel lost because they lack their parent’s guidance for the tough semester ahead. This can be resolved by keeping in touch with loved ones at home frequently. Programs like Oovoo, Skype ...view middle of the document...

When I miss home, I tend to miss family and friends. Friends can make a person feel whole and when a student leaves to college they are forced to share a dormitory with strangers. This can cause emptiness and of course homesickness. However, colleges have student associations, which help out a lot in that department. For example, MASA which is the Malaysian Student Association, they're responsible for the wellbeing of Malaysian students. These student associations help new students adapt and integrate into the student body and it’s easy to make friends in these associations. Making new friends especially those from their home country or hometown in college can help a student eliminate homesickness. As a result, college students will feel more at home in college because their friends are now like a family away from home where they would spend most of the time together.
Lastly, college students can overcome homesickness by bringing home to school. It’s probably a known fact that most college students in college miss home because their dorm rooms are bland, with just a closet, study desk and a bed. This causes college students to miss the comforts of their room at home. College can overcome this by bringing home to school. What this means is they would decorate their room’s to make it feel homey. For instance, pictures from home can be used to make a collage on the wall or bringing over something special from home like a teddy bear or a lucky charm. All the small things would be a great addition to making their dorm rooms look a little homey. Therefore students would feel like home every time they step into their dorm room instead a feeling alone and homesick.
In conclusion, Homesickness can have detrimental effects on a student in college but by keeping in touch, making new friends and bringing home to school, college students can solve the issue of homesickness. The solutions won’t work overnight but in the long run students can make the most of their life in college without feeling regret and the thought of going home when the going gets though. Furthermore, with these solution options available to them, college students might even call college their second home.

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