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How Can Expo 2017 Contribute To Kazakhstan’s Economic Development?

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In 2017, EXPO in Astana will be held on the topic “The Energy of the Future”. My aim is to investigate how the symposium can help to Kazakhstan’s economy develop and answer the research question. The question is important, because people of Kazakhstan and all around the world are interested in renewable, clean, free, indigenous and modular sources of energy. Also, Kazakhstan particularly is interested in the development of the economy in the country, because, as the economy grows up, people have better life conditions, social insurance and safety of citizens. As a part of society, I am interested in this topic. I have a strong desire to develop Kazakhstan and I think that EXPO-2017 will ...view middle of the document...

The government will make all efforts to make work and play of the foreigners as comfortable as possible. In general, this will dead to big changes in infrastructure and service, particularly, the marketability of trade will increase and this will have positive consequences. As the requirements rise, the quality will actually grow and this will also cause a marked improvement in this spheres. Consequently, the level of service and quality will grow. I think this will have positive effect on the economy of Kazakhstan, because the industry of service had been one of the key factors in market relations.
Secondly, by coming of tourists, the tourism of Kazakhstan will develop. In 2017 from June to September, about 5 million people, nearly 50 000 people per day (Michael. J., 2013) will visit Kazakhstan. This is about one third of the whole population of Kazakhstan. According to the head of department of regional industry and tourism development committee under the MINT RK Tugelbay B. (2013), “tourism will increase by 2-3 times for the next 5 years”. It means that there will be extremely big growth of tourism in Kazakhstan. In my opinion, the growth of tourism will directly effect on the economy of Kazakhstan and changes will be into good side. I assume that vast majority of unemployed citizens will have a good opportunity to find job in touristic companies and in sphere of service and maintenance. For example, a jobless man can find himself as a taxi or bus driver, or Astana guide. I think that this will decrease unemployment. This, of course, will contribute to Kazakhstan’s economic development, because working-age population will increase by falling of unemployment and give the opportunity for businessmen to open new and qualitative enterprises and show the whole world the astonishing nature of Kazakhstan.
Thirdly, Kazakhstan will make one courage step towards the sustainable development. According to Brundtland Report (General assembly, 1987):"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In other words, it is harmonic development and it is completely...

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