How Can He Be A Leader?

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"I want to apologize and it will never be allowed to happen again." Kim Jong Il said these words once, and he should be a man that has to say these words over and over again. He is a horrible dictator, and the worst leader in the world. He is the worst political figure in the world because of how he lives in luxury, his nuclear weapons program, and the restriction of rights on all the people of North Korea.Kim Jong Il is a political tyrant because he lives in complete luxury compared to hundreds of thousands of people in his country living in complete poverty. Some people say that Kim owns seventeen different residences. Many of these homes are gigantic palaces. He eats gourmet foods every day, like lobster, caviar, and the most expensive types of sushi shipped in fresh from Japan solely for himself. He boasts the country's most superb wine cellar, which can hold up to 10 000 bottles. It is said that every year, he buys Hennessy cognac. The total amount of all the cognac he purchases comes to $700 000. Kim is very fond of expensive cars, and races them at his palaces. He is a fan of such names as Mercedes, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Audi. Kim also owns a collection of 20 000 films. He especially loves "slasher" movies, like the "Friday the 13th" series. He also enjoys watching James Bond, Godzilla, and Elizabeth Taylor movies. Meanwhile, while he lives a lavish life, hundreds of thousands of people are living in poverty. Malnourishment is an immense problem, especially in children. The average North Korean 7-year-old boy is 8 inches shorter and more than 20 pounds lighter than the average 7-year-old South Korean boy. A vast number of people in North Korea have starved to death, and Kim Jong Il allows this to happen without caring. Since there is such a great famine, almost 300 000 North Korean people have escaped to China to get food. For being a selfish, heartless man, and letting his own people starve while he is living an over-the-top life, Kim Jong Il is the most awful dictator in the world.Kim Jong Il is a horrible dictator because of his nuclear weapons program. North Korea is not even supposed to have a nuclear program due to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. He removed himself from this Treaty. Also, he himself even stated that he would rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons. Yet again, he lies to his people and to the world. In 1998, Kim Jong Il fired a test missile over Japan, making the countries surrounding North Korea feel threatened, as well as the United States. Recently, in 2006, the North Korean government announced that it had performed an underground test of their nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Il has reportedly promised to stop...

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