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How Do I See Myself? Essay

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I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the effect my family, friends, society, and the media have all had on me. While I have spent time reading over this subject of self-concept, it has opened my eyes to seeing how much all of the different areas of my life have played a large role in making me who I am. I never put much thought into how together they have build me to be me but the resounding truth is family, friends, society, and media all have had an influence on who I am. It will continue through out my life to have influence on how I view myself.
Starting with family, I believe that this part of my life has had the greatest influence on me up till this point in my life. My families direct definition of me was always in positive way. When I was little a few things my parents would always call me were little man, my dad would call me mini me, and my cousin Tyler and I would be called peat and repeat. These names influenced me to always aspire to be a man and being man meant being like my dad. My dad and I have very similar personalities likes and dislikes this has helped bring the name mini me into some truth. My cousin Tyler and I have the same goals in life and career choices. If these names had any true impact of my relationship with my father or cousin I honestly do not know. If they have then I think they where the best possible turn out.
There are three family scripts that have had the largest impact on how I am. The first script I can remember from when I was younger is that we need to value the time we have with each other. Sadly this wasn’t just taught me through words. I learned this also by losing my cousin Bay-O when I was in first grade. She was only a year older then me, we were very close because my mom would pick us both up from school and watch her till my aunt Kim got off work. We also only lived a couple streets a part, we spent a lot of time together. We even got to play on the same t-ball team together a year before her passing. Through her death, my Papa’s, and my aunts Kim’s death I have learned how short this life truly is. That we are never ensured tomorrow we only have right now. The way this script has had an effect on my life is through my relationship with my parents. I never was a typical teenager who thought that his parents were dumb and “just didn’t understand”. Even to this day my relationship with both of my parents is very strong and close. The second script that has had a major impact on my life is “always be reliable”. My family has always made sure to tell me is reliability is very rare and if I am reliable then I will go a long way. This script has always pushed me to be on time with everything I do, to do exactly what I said I was going to do, and lastly work hard regardless if I am at work, play sports, or meeting some for lunch. The third script that has a large impact on how I am is pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be. This does not mean that my family...

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