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How Can Information Technology Assist You In Your Social, Educational And Professional Future?

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In my personal opinion Technology does help us today in many ways, and it will always help us one of the most important ways technology help us now a days is in our social lives there is different social networks all over the internet such as (Facebook, twitter, yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Myspace, whatSapp, etc.) If we really think about it and compare our days with our parents time things had been changing a lot like our parents used to write letters just so that they could get in contact with their love one’s but now a days all we have to do is get on our social network account click on the name of whoever we want to talk to and just go ahead and write down whatever we want to tell them and just press enter and there it is within a few seconds our friend family member or whoever we want a talk to will be reading what we want to say so that is something really exceptional that back in the days it wasn’t even possible.
In the other hand this type of internet media could hurt us or the people around us because most of us out there use the internet and all the social networks in it for good stuff like communicating with others, Do homework’s, maybe watch something funny with our family and many other things but there is other kind of fellas out there who are criminals,pervers,etc so remember we just have to be very careful with what we are doing and saying specially when we do not know who is going to stop and read what we put out there, there is many cases of people getting divorce, people killing and getting kill people getting kidnapped etc., and all because they didn’t pay attention to what they were saying or what they where been told. Now we have different countries like the U.S.A., Argentina, Brazil, Canada, UK, and others working all together with agencies like the F.B.I. Just to make our Hometown a little bit more secure every day.
Another Important way that technology help us a lot it’s on the Educational way back in the days students and teachers had it way more complicated than now a days back in the days it was not possible for a teenager like me to look up for information in a computer they had to go to the library or ask their parents about something that they probably would not know and then in top of that they had to read a lot just to find one little answer but now thanks to the technology we can look up any question we can think of and the answer will surely come out many students now a days don’t really read what they are talking about because they just copy and paste but if they just could think and realize about how easy we have it now compared to our parents or teachers I bet or I want to believe that they will read at...

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