How Can Sony Emerge As A Top Contender In The Computer Industry?

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After careful research, we feel that in order for Sony to advance its position within the computer industry, they will need to consider reevaluating the current advertising and marketing plan to better inform consumers about the advantages of owning a Sony. We found that consumers were overall satisfied with Sony’s VAIO series. The prevailing issue that we discovered was that consumers were not familiar enough with Sony’s products. The lack of knowledge has led consumers to develop their own assumption about Sony which may have caused them to overlook Sony when going into the market for a new computer.
When we started looking through last year’s annual report, we noticed that Sony VAIO PCs was one of the few industries that experienced a growth in sales (Sony Annual Report, 2009, p. 20). We continued to read through and realized that there are products upcoming, such as the P-Series and V-Series, that will allow for Sony to become a serious competitor in the computer industry. By examining what consumers look for when purchasing, we determined that the Sony VAIOs are very much in alignment with consumer wants, consumers just don’t know enough about them.

We conducted a series of interviews in order to try and measure consumer knowledge of and feedback about the Sony VAIO computer/laptop. We used a convenience sample while also trying to interview subjects that are either currently in the market for a laptop or were within the last 12 months. We chose this method of observation because we felt that would give us an accurate measure of consumer expectations when purchasing a new laptop. We also used this method so that we could determine where Sony ranked among its competitors in terms of price and performance.

The first and most critical issue that we would like to address is the marketing scheme for the Sony VAIO. We found through our interview process that consumers still believe that Sony is reputable as a brand name; the problem within the computer industry is that people are not educated enough about the products that Sony is offering. When asked advertising for the Sony VAIO, former Towson graduate Alex Dotts said, “I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I can remember seeing a computer commercial on television for Sony…for the most part you just see ads for the PS3 or TVs.” After continuing to talk to Alex, he told me that he would consider looking at Sony laptops purely based on the fact that Sony is a reputable brand name. This could imply that the Sony brand is still strong enough within consumers to be able to revitalize Sony within the computer industry. This also shows that there may not be enough emphasis on the amount of advertising that is being done for Sony’s computer products.

David Boyer was a former employee of Sears working directly with the electronics, and more specifically computer departments. Using commercials for the Sony VAIO, Dell Inspiron, and Apple Macbook, we asked David to identify the brand; he was...

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