How Can Sustainable Development Save Urban Areas

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How can sustainable development save urban areas
INTRODUCTION: The population of people living in urban areas is increasing every year, especially in the developing countries."Urbanization" is a very popular word to almost everyone now. However, many serious problems are caused at the same time with the development of urbanization. Let us take European's urban problems as example. The successful process of urban areas brings problems including shortage of housing ,long journey from residence to work, migration of people from countryside to urban areas and traffic congestion. We cannot ignore them, otherwise they will be much worse in the future. What can we do? It is widely believed that sustainable development can successfully solve the problems caused by urbanization, such as lack of resources, high prices, shortages of food and unemployment.

Urbanization results in a huge need of resources and causes the lack of them."In addition, city-based production currently accounts for the majority of resource consumption and waste generation world-wide"(WRI,1996). Resources, including food resources, are limited and cannot be available forever, but none of us can live without enough resources. So we must use resources in a sustainable way to suit the huge need of urban areas. The idea of sustainable development encourages people to use resources in a multistage and scientific way. In other words, making the most advantages of resources. For example, some factories use lots of water and produce lots of polluted water at the same time. In the past, they usually drain the polluted water to rivers directly. In this way, lots of water are polluted and can be used no more. Sustainable development suggests to cleansing the polluted water before draining it. If so, we can use it again in the near future. It is just the main idea of sustainable development-"It is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"(WCED,1987). In fact, sustainable development is the best way we can select now to relieve the problem of shortage of resources.

With the step of urbanization, almost everything is being more and more expensive. For instance, according to the research of Chinese National Bureau of Statistics in 2007,the price of food rise to 112.3% of it in 2006. Every common citizen has a strong feeling of the pressure of high prices. We all know that if something is rare then it will be expensive. So when we are talking about the relation between resource and price, it is clear to everyone that the lack of resources will usually cause high prices problem. If we can relieve the problem of lack of resources, then we can partly solve high prices problem. In China, resources, including labor resources are much cheaper than some other countries, like America and...

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