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How Does Television And The Media Influence Children? The Influence Of Media On Obesity Media Influences On Behavior Other Sources Of Media Violence

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How Does Television and the Media Influence Children?The Influence of Media on ObesityMedia Influences on BehaviorOther Sources of Media ViolenceMedia plays very a important role and has influence in virtually every aspect of our lives. It is considered as the best source to know about the happenings of world. Newspaper, magazine, radio, television and internet are the different types of media. It greatly affects our lives because media has the power to influence our thoughts. This influence is sometimes positive and sometimes negative.NEGATIVE EFFECTS Media is the most influential one for the people to resort violence. Studies have suggested that the exposure to violence on television, movies and video games make the children more aggressive, fearful, less trusting and more accepting of violence. This does not mean that they will start bringing weapons in the school but they will be more aggressive and less trusting towards their friends, teachers and siblings. Some of them may carry out same violent act that they see in the violent programs and eventually become more disposed to commit acts of violence.In the past, news about some murder, accidents etc. were used to be published in simple sentences or we can say in a way to just inform the people about a particular happening. But now all has changed. Today news is published in an exaggerated manner to attract the attention of people. This is against the ethics of journalism. So instead of being constructive, media plays a destructive role. People who read much of these news or view excessive violence on television, trust less and take the world more frightening than it is.Sex and violence in media also lead towards the sex crimes in the society. It traumatizes youngsters which result in abuse in the home, streets, towards children etc.Some advertisements try to influence the people by telling them the importance of branded items. As a result children and youngsters become status conscious and thinks that by using these items they can show their high status in the society. To fulfill their needs or to impress others they many times go violent to get money.StatsViolence in the MediaHuston and colleagues have estimated that the average 18-year-old will have viewed 200,000 acts of violence on television (Huston, A.C., Donnerstein, E., Fairchild, H. et al. Big World, Small Screen: The Role of Television in American Society. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1992.)41% percent of American households have three or more televisions (Nielsen Media Research, 2000).56% of children ages 8-16 have a television in their rooms (Annenberg Public Policy Center, 2000. Media in the Home 2000)Percentage of television-time children ages 2-7 spend watching alone and unsupervised: 81 (Kaiser Family Foundation, 1999. "Kids and Media @ the New Millennium.")Television alone is responsible for 10% of youth violence. (Senate Judiciary Committee Staff Report, 1999.)Average time per week that the American child ages...

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