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How Can The Study Of Media History Help Us Tounderstand The Media Today?

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How can the study of media history help us to understand the media today? Media Concepts Unit 1 7th November 2001 By WC: 1572 Abstract: This essay tackles the question of whether or not the study of media history can help us to understand the media today. The statement "˜the media today' is considered to broad and therefore, this essay attempts to represent the media today by questioning the principles of the news today and where they originated. This essay also attempts to find reasons for the content of modern television, as another way of understanding the media today. Finally concluding that the study of media does help us to understand the media today by looking at the changes before and after new media revolutions and the effects they had on the western culture and society.Contents: 1. Abstract and Contents p. 1 2. Introduction p. 2 3. Section I p. 3 4. Section II p.5 5. Conclusion p. 7 6. Bibliography p. 8 Introduction: Understanding the question requires definitions of the following words; History; "˜A continuous methodical record of important or public events' (Oxford Dictionary) and Media "˜Newspapers and broadcasting, by which information is conveyed to the general public' (Oxford Dictionary) History can be looked at as a science. Considering that a historian collects together facts and accounts of an event, as a scientist conducts experiments to obtain his results, while both use their findings to come to a conclusion. When looking at the history of the media and putting the facts together, trends or similarities arise that lead us to conclusions, giving an understanding of the way the media functions and works in today's age."˜Understanding the media' is a broad statement. In order to accomplish this the research will be narrowed down to; the reasons for the "˜principles of news today and the importance of it within our western society' together with the "˜reasons and effects of the content that is shown today on modern television'.Section I In the beginning the only form of communication between two people was oral communication (disregarding physical communication). Throughout history humanity has searched for new ways to improve communication between people, trying to make it faster, reaching greater distances and greater amounts of listeners. With this search came a few very revolutionary inventions that changed western society a great deal.With each new form of communication came a new or amended structure to society and the hierarchy of power. During the rhetoric (oral communication) times the elders of the family, tribe or group where seen as the important ones "˜ a select group of experts with knowledge committed to memory' (Sreberny-Mohammadi, 1995, p28). Respect and power was gained through...

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