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How Can We Solve The Problem Of Unemployment Of Students After Graduation?

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The issue of graduates employment after graduation from higher educational institutions is extremely topical. Young professionals face hard market conditions. Currently, young people are the largest group of the unemployed in Kazakhstan. Elena Yarmonova in the article «Problems of graduates employment in Kazakhstan» contents that youth represent more than 30 % of the total number of registered unemployed (2013). In addition, 25 - 25 % of the total aggregate of unemployed youth are graduates (2013). This statistic proves that this problem requires an immediate solution. The best ways to solve the problem of graduates’ unemployment is complication of university admission and quality practices ...view middle of the document...

There is a paradox, but unfortunately in many cases, this fact leaves many graduates without jobs and forced to urgently change the scope and not to work in their specialty.
As a result, affected by this problem are university graduates. University graduates meet with excessive demands on the part of the employer. Experts estimate based on several criteria such as work experience, professionalism and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, decision-making ability. If these criteria are absent in most cases a specialist will not get a job.
Due to this problem growing of youth unemployment. After several failures graduates stop looking for work. According to the study in the article "Problems of employment of young professionals and university graduates" 65 % graduates said that to get a job on the profession is possible, but the process of finding associated with some difficulties. About 12 % said that to get a job on the profession is impossible (Nesterova, 2012). If to present the 12 % of the unemployed graduates will grow each year, correspondingly unemployment among young professionals will increase.
Another effect of this problem is decrease in the degree of economy. Is known to there is a concept for unemployment benefits. In Kazakhstan, a social assistance receive about 9 % of the population. This funding useless from for what the economy falls. Also, all this is accompanied by the decline in production in state factories. Thus our country is in some crisis which on the one hand due to of a lack of jobs, and on the other due to a drop in production.
The first solution of problem of students’ unemployment after graduation is complication of university admission. If complicate university entrance exams it will cause a reduction of the applicants and learning smarter students. As a result, reduced the number of graduates with a diploma of higher education. That is, graduates will have more opportunities to get a job because the level of competition decreases.
On the other hand this solution has the disadvantages like corruption, stressful situation and uneducated generation. Firstly, level of corruption in our county is not very low. This is due to low wages. The teaching staff of universities exposed to corruption on the part of students. This leads to the fact that the student will be able to buy the exam results. Secondly, entrance exam at the university is one of the most stressful situations during studying. On students are assigned a huge expectations from parents, schools and so on. In these situations, even the...

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