How Can You Escape The Thought Of Suicide? Speech

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Suicide has becoming epidemic (speech)

Good afternoon everyone, I am___ and today I’m going to talk about the fact that “Suicide has become an epidemic” Why this is not a good thin and what we can do to help someone or people we knew that are struggling with this issue.

According to the dictionary suicide means ending your own life. Some people commit suicide because they think it is the only way to escape pain or suffering. But why? Why do they have to end their own life? Maybe because they could not handle the pain anymore? Maybe they are tired from all the problems they are facing? Or maybe, they cannot see hope for a better future? None of these are a reasonable answer to take away your own life. Because taking your own life means leaving a sad memory to those who love us, family, friends, cousins, your boyfriend or girlfriend... Is it fair to them? What about the pain that they are left with?

I chose “Suicide has becoming epidemic” as my topic not because it is the 16th leading cause of death around the world or because suicide rank 11th on Australia’s cause of deaths list, but because people need to open their minds and realise that SUICIDE is not just a case, it is a common cause of death for some people who are suffering emotionally.

Most people see themselves as NOTHING. But also, they are not going to say that if no one first tells that to them, right? Bullying is one of the reasons why people tend to harm themselves. There is this kind of moment when you feel like everyone is pointing at you, telling you how worthless you are. Some would say you are ugly, fat, weird, stupid and it felt like you want to believe in every single word they say.

Do you know how it feels? Let’s try to imagine it. Imagine you are in a dark place, your tears won’t stop flawing, your hand is shaking, your heart and mind are devastated. Imagine you are in pain and no one is there to comfort you. You hold your cellphone and open your Facebook posting “I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not enough.”

Your friends start to message you and contact you but you choose to ignore them. You feel broken and in pain, blaming yourself for everything.
All the words flashback in your head; you are ugly, fat, weird, stupid, dumb, and nothing but a loser!
You can’t stop crying and thinking that no one cares about you, no one understands your life and no one loves the true you.

You start to go to the bathroom and seek for your mum’s pill. You look to the mirror and see yourself being fragile, devastated, hopeless, sick, trash, lost, ugly and being not enough.
You dump all the contents in your hand, without hesitation you take all...

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