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How Can You Ever Trust Anyone?

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Sariah Durrant

How Can You Ever Trust Anyone?
An Autobiographical Narrative
I felt as though my heart had been ripped out of my chest and my lungs were shredded into ribbons. I stared in shock at the tiny little pathetic screen of my cell phone that delivered the message that changed my life forever. I suppose that I always knew what would happen. Humans can’t be trusted, no matter what they tell you or how they act. They always smile and lie through their teeth, then they turn around and stab you in the back. You think that people could change or that they’re different and they won’t hurt you, but you’re wrong. No matter how hard you try, every single person on this planet can hurt you. And there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.
In all actuality, I had begun to believe what I was being told and what I so ignorantly thought myself. It had all begun back at Eighth Grade Graduation. Well, to be honest, everything started in seventh grade when I finally let my guard down and let my heart be taken by some intriguing stranger. I was a little more than casually interested in this young and foolish boy and I now understand that that is a mistake that I will never make again. Any and all of my affections were taken and crushed into the ground by a rude, snotty teenager whom should not be trusted. There is one single thing that I’ve learned is true about any and every single person I meet. They all lie. They tell you that they’ll be there for you, or be your friend, or never abandon you. It’s disgusting, all those filthy, horrible deceptions, not a word that any of them say is true. It’s all nice and exciting when you think you’ve finally met the one person who would “never do that to you”, but that makes it all the worse when they do.
I had initially thought that my mild obsession would never become anything more than that. An obsession. A simple, slightly tedious and bothersome obsession. I would casually watch this odd stranger and observe him and his friends. Then I did something that I had once believed I would regret for the rest of my life. I wrote him a letter. And several more letters after that. It was all fine and nothing really happened at all, until his friends figured out who was writing him. They ridiculed both him and I, so in light of the possible emotional wreck I could become, I stopped writing, and ignored this trouble maker all together. And I thought that I was free, finally able to just continue with my life. And I was, at least for the duration of the majority of one year. When the time was nearing for eighth grade graduation, information was brought to my attention that I had never physically thought possible. I was told that that one certain boy actually liked me. At first I thought it was a lie, a trick, some sort of hoax. I didn’t want to believe it because, I think, perhaps, I knew what would become of it. At the eighth grade graduation dance, I finally realized that it was true. He did like me. And I resented him...

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