How Can You Make A Suitable Environment To Your Disabled Child

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Children with disabilities will make a significant improvement in their skills if they live in comprehensive and inclusive environment for them. Inclusive environment will benefit the child in several ways. The primary goal of creating an inclusive environment is to involve the disabled child with their peers, family, and the outside world. The suitable environment will support them by making modification and training on their behavior and attitude. Therefore, they will be prepared to life’s experiences and daily life activities.

A special needs child’s early years are different as his later years. Inclusive environment is what makes the difference in the child’s development. The development is achieved through several settings and strategies. Home environment and interaction with the family will build a strong base of personality and behavioral aspects for the child’s first years. Afterward school environment starts to intervene and affect a child’s intellectual and learning skills. As well as a playground and activities which include social communication and behavior skills. Therefore, providing facilities and inclusive environment for disabled children will make them learn to interact with non-disabled children and develop their skills. A suitable environment for special needs children is created in the school, house, and playground.

First, school is the main source for promoting skills for disabled children. The school environment which includes techniques or strategies that help disabled students. Special needs students are in the need of specific strategies to help them to overcome their disabilities such as memorization, organized, and written expression strategies. Disabled as well as non-disabled people may face memorizing difficulties, for children with disabilities teachers follow special memorizing techniques. Strategies are formed into five methods such as type the parts, visualize an image, write a hint, find a related story, and self examination (Bisland, 2004).

Organization strategy is an essential step to assist special needs students to concentrate and understand information in the classroom. This strategy can improve learning skills and reduce the effort. Unlike non-disabled students, students with disabilities are in the need of managing the receptive information. This technique can organize their thoughts and conception. According to Bisland, it consists of a pair of columns strategy and the student can write words in the first column, the second column includes the meaning of each word (2004).

Special needs students facing struggling to learn how to write and express. Writing and expression strategy is found to help them to overcome their learning difficulties. “ These students benefit from direct instruction in such writing strategies as sentence structure and paragraph organization.” (Bisland, 2004). This strategy is applied through a number of methods. Furthermore, special needs student learns to determine...


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