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Everyone knows that cancer is a horrible disease. The American Cancer Society has said that 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Families, including my own, are affected by this disease every day. I know that any person of any age can be diagnosed with cancer. Cancer changes the lives of anybody connected with it dramatically. And I am here to tell you how it altered my life. I am here to tell you how in six short weeks, I lost one of the most important people of my lives. And how a year later I have never felt a day of pure happiness due to the affects of cancer. And how every holiday now feels so empty, as if I have a big hole in my heart.
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The rest of the guest arrived and grabbed some food and said hello. When everyone was done eating I went to see my cousins. We got all the kids together and brought them down to the water. We had a big dock we all swan out to and relaxed for a while. The adults were telling stories and catching up with everyone. My mother had started to set up her fire works. They couldn’t be seen yet, but with the amount she bought she needed a bit of time to set it all up. At this point we started to notice something was different with my pepere. He was usually the most social and athletic guy we all knew.
When we noticed he wasn’t very happy looking we asked if he was alright. He said he just wanted to relax and he wouldn’t be able to take the boat out. We were sad he wasn’t feeling good and told him we didn’t need the boat to have fun. When we started the fire works, we expected him to help my mom. Everyone was very shocked when he declined to help. I’ve never been worried about my pepere before this moment.
My pepere has always lived in Maine. He married my memere a long time ago and they were married for ten years. After they got a divorce my pepere moved an hour away. We visited as much as we could while I was a child. But as I got older my mother couldn’t afford to visit as often. Thankfully my pepere came to see my sister and I as much as he could. We spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas with him and his girlfriend. He had a unique way of doing things. For Christmas he would take all the present he bought us and put them in big black trash bags. Then let us just search through all of the things. He didn’t like the mess wrapping paper made so we stuck with his was of doing things. He did the same thing for birthdays!
My pepere had been rebuilding his home for years, he had completely changed the stair case to the upstairs. He also redid his entire bathroom in bamboo and added a Jacuzzi bath tub. It was always fun to visit while I was a kid, because he would let me play with the hammers and nail things into old blocks of wood. He was slowly working on the house while he wasn’t at work. He worked for Ford for fifth teen years before he went into social work. He cared for those who were mentally sick. Mostly helping with the grocery shopping and cleaning their homes so they could live out side of a facility.
My pepere has been a huge inspiration to me my entire life. He worked hard and always had money to keep himself comfortable. He had saved enough to let him retire at sixty. He always had a nice car and a truck for the winter. His house was beautiful and he had a nice piece of land. I always thought he was so happy. He had built a life he was proud of. Now that he’s gone I hope to continue with my dreams and he will always be in my heart pushing me to keep going. I wish we could have seen a lot more of him before he passed away.
After the party we begged my pepere to go to the doctors. We all guessed it was cancer, and my pepere had guessed...

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