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How Car Pollution Effects Our Environment

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Car pollution is a major problem in our ecosystem and everyday lives. Car
pollution not only affects crops, plants, tress and many other resources, but it also
causes human health risks. Many problems are caused by car pollution; unfortunately,
it is something that happens every day. Car pollution could be reduced in many ways.
But can a few people prevent car pollution? No. Everyone would have to join in, in some
The problem of car pollution is that it affects not only our environment, but it
affects human health and the ozone layer, as well. For example, car pollution affects
the environment by greenhouse gases which are the main pollutants that enter the
atmosphere from a ...view middle of the document...

This hazardous chemical irritates the respiratory
(breathing) system, causing coughing, choking, and it reduces the lung capacity,
meaning it makes it harder to breathe. Nitrogen oxides cause lung irritation, as well. “It
weakens the body’s defense against respiratory infections such as things like the flu
and pneumonia” (ucsusa). Carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas, it affects the
brain, the heart, and many other vital organs because this pollutant blocks off all oxygen
to get to these vital organs in the body. Sulfur dioxide is produced from power plants
and motor vehicles, mainly diesel. But this poses a large health risk to young kids.
Hazardous air pollutants have been linked to many serious injuries like birth defects,
cancer, and many other serious illnesses. Greenhouse gases are what cause “one-fifth
of the United States total global warming pollution.” (ucsusa), These gases cause many McHugh 3
effects, not only to human health but to our crops, plants, and trees. All of these
pollutants have some kind of harm to some part of our atmosphere. Some of the things
it affects are the “reproductive system, the respiratory system, the immune system, and
the neurological of animals.” (King)
Solutions to car pollution can be sort of tricky. In order for pollution to be
narrowed down, everyone in the community and or population will have to take charge
in some way. Once again this would include things such as, carpooling combining
errands into one major trip, taking more public transportation (buses, trolleys, trains,
taxies, subways). Shopping online would be a good choice as well, that way you’re not
using as much gas...

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