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How Cartoons Changed The World Essay

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A cartoon is a two-dimensional illustrated visual art and are usually intended for satire, caricature, or humor, or to the artistic style of these works. The cartoonist is the creator behind the cartoon. The definition of the word “cartoon” has changed over time; however, in modern times, cartoons refer to potentially non-realistic or practically realistic drawing and paintings. In the Middle Ages, where the word “cartoon” originated, people described the cartoons as something that was drawn to prepare for a piece of art. In the 1800’s, the word cartoon came to mean illustrations with humor that usually appeared in magazines and newspapers. Ever since the early 1900’s, it referred to comic ...view middle of the document...

The title was originally Mr. Punch’s face is the letter Q. The newer title, cartoon, was supposed to be somewhat ironic in reference to how the Westminister politicians positioned themselves in order to draw attention to their own importance. Editorial cartoons are a type of print media. These cartoons are almost always found in news publications and websites. They are humorous; however, their tone is more serious. Editorial cartoons mostly use irony or witty language that is used to insult people, places, objects, or events. These cartoons are usually used as visual metaphors to show a certain point of view on political topics as well as social topics. Editorial cartoons most often include speech balloons and multiple panels. Comic strips are another type of print media. A comic strip is a short series of illustrations in usually a chronological sequence. They can be found in daily newspapers all around the world. Although adventure and drama can also be themes of comic strips, humor is the main subject matter.
Political cartoons are very important to how the world has changed. In mid-1800’s, major political newspapers around the world included cartoons centered around the politics in their day. Political cartoons such as James Gillray’s “Manic ravings, or Little Boney in a Strong Fit” have impacted history more that you would think. Napoleon once said that the English caricaturist James Gillray “did more than all the armies in Europe to bring me down.” In 1832, which was two years after King Louis Philippe abolished censorship of the press in France, Honore Daumier produced a caricature of Louis Philippe with a pear shape. He called it “Gargantua.” Daumier, his publisher, and anyone else involved in the...

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