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How Catapults Work Essay

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The very first catapult was invented in about 400B.C. with the idea to try and improve the crossbow. Diodorus Siculus was the Greek philosopher who invented the catapult, and he first used an arrow to fire. After the started using rocks and such to launch over castle walls, they started using anything they could find, including dead bodies. During bubonic plague, Kublai Khan, a Mongol during the Bubonic Plague, spread the Plague even more rapidly by using a catapult to launch dead bodies from the disease, over the walls.
What exactly is a catapult and what were they used for? The dictionary definition of a catapult is a ballistic device used to launch a projectile a long distance without ...view middle of the document...

What makes a catapult launch items? Well, catapults need to have something that has a spring related power in order to thrust these items long distances. Most catapults that are made today with the power of surgical tubing. Surgical tubing is stretchy, durable and cheap. The more of these tubes that you combine together, the more launch power that you will have. Whenever you have the catapult pulled all the way back, you need something to hold it there until you are ready to fire the catapult. This mechanism works like a trigger on a firearm. When you pull the trigger on a firearm, you fire just like you would on a catapult.
The next step to the catapult is the stopper. The stopper is what stops the arm of the catapult, and where everything is released at. This is important because the stopper can determine how you want to fire the catapult. For example, say you wanted the catapult to launch parallel to the ground. You would want the stopper to stop the arm at about 90 degrees. This will allow the arm to not fire past 90 degrees, therefore launching your items in a straight direction. The smaller angle you set the arm stopper too, the farther up into the air your item will launch.
The firing power in determined on three different factors. The first factor is the weight of the item you are firing. The more weight that you have, the less that the catapult will fire the item. The same goes for light weight as well. If you have very little weight, the catapult will fire farther.
The second factor is how much tensioners you have with the surgical tubing. The more tension that the surgical tubes have, the farther your items will go as well as how fast they go too. If you have fewer surgical tubes, the catapult...

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