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How Cell Phones Effect Our Everyday Lives

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Cell phones are progressively becoming more accessible and reliable as days go by in such a way that creates a safer and protected environment around us. The many ways and situations one can use a cell phone is becoming more free and diverse than what phones were intentionally made for, that is, to communicate through speech. Cell phones have become an anytime, anywhere tool used for texting, taking pictures, recording videos, making video calls, saving files such as a presentation, and many other things such as listening to music or playing games (Ling 22).
Cell phones help us keep in touch with each other and allow us to enjoy media. They’re like computers that are in your pocket with the ...view middle of the document...

It’s a good thing phones exist for these types of situations because without it, life may be much harder than what it already is.
Not only are they useful for calling our loved ones and protecting ourselves but they can also be used for entertainment. Cell phones can be used to watch videos, browse the web, view pictures, listen to music, and play games. They also allow you to download new software onto it including videos, music, virtual books, and games. No longer will people sit in the car for hours without entertainment. These grant many accessible tools and can download many other types of software as well such as a calculator, a calendar, weather forecast, and many more things as well. “Cellphones are becoming more addictive than any other object…in the history of mankind (Gupta Web).”
These magnificent tools can also keep one up to date with the latest news in a town, state, country, and even the world! Cell phones have the ability to access the internet which also allows news to be accessed from the cell phone. Everyone will know what’s going on around the world. News such as music, celebrities, crimes, updates, and so much more, all only a tap away to know everything anyone would possibly want to know right on this small screen known as a “mobile device,” a fantastic technology that continues to become more and more diverse in use.
Cell phones are highly useful for business also. With cell phones, you have the ability to search things and browse the internet in search of whatever it is you need to know. Phones aren’t just useful for communication or entertainment. It can also be used for presentations, calculations, as a dictionary, and many other tasks. They are used in business meetings, conferences, and in concerts as well (Canton Web).
These mobile...

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