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How Characters Change Throughout The Book The Hobbit

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The Hobbit. A story in which an ordinary hobbits becomes the hero (helms), how dwarves change their attitude, and how elves alter their personalities and fight alongside the dwarves. When the book began in the shire, Bilbo Baggins was just a normal hobbit. He did not always have the courage to rage war on five different armies. Bilbo was part took and part Baggins. As a kid he was adventurous and wild. You can thanks the Took for that side. The quiet and polite side came from the Baggins. But as he grew, he changed. He "did not have adventures or do anything unexpected." Although he was known for his preworks (swank). But one day, when Gandalf the grey came for a visit everything changed. ...view middle of the document...

Bilbo then stalled for enough time for Gandalf to return and the day was saved. That wasn't enough for the dwarves to think anymore of Bilbo.
The danger Bilbo has encountered now is the slimy creature Gollum (Matthews). When the company was traveling, the dwarves were caught by mountain trolls, but Bilbo got separated by all of them and was found by this creature. he is a slimy, sly owner of the ring prior to the hobbit. Gollum refers the the ring as "my precious." (Kroeber). The only way Gollum would allow him to leave was if he could answer his riddles correctly (Tolkien, 69). However Bilbo, being an admirer of riddles agreed. Although he was terrified to see this animal in front of him, knew he had to remain brave and strong. Riddles were tossed back and forth and each we're getting the correct answers. Gollum wanted nothing but to kill the little hobbit for food. Gollum, thinking he could slip on the magic ring and kill Bilbo, snuck off. However he could not find the ring.
In fact, Gollum was gone so long looking for it, Bilbo managed to find it. Gollum returned to find Bilbo invisible with the ring on, so searched for him and headed to the exit. Bilbo simply followed the creature to the exit and left. Bilbo was one of the few who could carry the ring of power and not be withered by its power (Firchow).
Bilbo also managed to save the dwarves from spiders. When the company had lost the path that was to lead them through the forest, they got captured by spiders and were cacooned in web. Bilbo however was free of the web and taunted the spiders. He led the viscous spiders away from the dwarves and then returned to save them.
When the company finally arrived to the lonely mountain, Bilbo was the first one to go in. He was alone. He searched for the Arkenstone, which was what Thorin was after, but it took some time. Nonetheless, the observant hobbit found the jewel. However, he also found the dragon. When he finally understands what is happening, he develops an urge to reveal himself to the dragon and tell him the truth about his purpose there (Sullivan).
Bilbo is in complete shock, and also greedy when he sees the dragon lying asleep on the mountains of gold. Bilbo cannot help himself and takes a cup. When the dragon awakes, he discovers that a treasure is lost...

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