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How Characters Judge People In The Great Gatsby

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​The Great Gatsby is a novel that written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. Nick Carraway who is the neighbor of Gatsby tells the stories among Gatsby, Tom, Daisy and Jordan Baker. Nick used to live in the Midwest, but he moved to West Egg, Long Island later. There he becomes the neighbor of Gatsby who is an affluent billionaire of West Egg, and Gatsby has connections with Daisy who is Nick’s cousin. When Nick first meets Daisy at her husband Tom’s house in East egg, Nick gets to know Jordan Baker who cheated on a golf tournament to win the game. However, as the story moves on, Nick was told by Jordan that Gatsby was in love with Daisy before, but they broke up since Gatsby was poor back then and Daisy did not want to marry poor boy, but until Gatsby becomes a billionaire they have never met again. Therefore Nick helps to arrange a meeting between Gatsby and Daisy. Since then Gatsby and Daisy get close again which causes Tom’s attention. Tom is a snob who possesses inherited wealth and has an affair. Tom and Gatsby starts fighting over Daisy. Even if Gatsby thinks Daisy has never been in love with Tom, Daisy claims that she loves both of them which surprises Gatsby. However, Daisy decides to leave Gatsby since she does not want to lose what she has right now——money, social position… On the way back to Tom’s house, Daisy was driving Gatsby’s car with Gatsby, and accidently Daisy killed a woman who turns out as the affair of Tom-----Myrtle. When Tom gets to know that his affair was killed, he first thought that was Gatsby who had killed her, and he misled Myrtle’s husband that Gatsby was the killer. Unfortunately, Gatsby was killed by Myrtle’s husband for being a wrong killer. In this book, a lot of judgments occur. Not only Nick judges others, but also Jordan and Tom. Nick is a judgmental person, and he judges Tom and Daisy for being careless people at the end of the story. For Jordan, she is kind of an arrogant person like Tom. She looks down at Nick when they first met. So is Tom, as a snob, he was trying to defame Gatsby as a bootlegger.
​Jordan Baker, who is a well golf player even she once cheated in a competition. As a champion, it’s reasonable for her to be arrogant. On the day that Daisy invited Nick to her house which is located in East Egg to have lunch, Nick first met Jordan. Jordan was lying on a divan, and when she saw Nick she showed the arrogant attitude toward Nick. The quote is: “She was extended full length at her end of the divan, completely motionless, and with her chin raised a little, as if she were balancing something on it which was quite likely to fall. If she saw me out of the corner of her eyes she gave no hint of it”(page 8) This quote is showing us that Jordan was lying on a divan and relaxing. As she saw Nick appeared, she raised her chin a little bit to watch Nick as though she is a queen and Nick was asking her permission to give him a glance. Jordan watched Nick with the corner of her eyes which showed she thought...

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