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How Child Trauma Affects A Relationship Attachment

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How child trauma effects a relationship attachment
Children that form attachment bond relationships can possibly start to trust others, control their emotions, and relate to the world. They can sense the world as safe and gain an understanding of their importance as individuals. If these relationships are unbalanced the child can realise that they can’t depend on others to help them. In a scenario where a guardian abuses a child, the child then may see the world as a bad place.
Most children that have experienced abuse can find it difficult in making a strong attachment bond with the parent. Research has discovered that children who do not have healthy attachments have been found to be more vulnerable to stress. They can have problems expressing and voicing their emotions. Some children can change their personality causing them to react violently to circumstances. Our potential in developing healthy, supportive relationships with peers and others can depend on the development of these relationships with our families. A child that has experienced trauma in the past can have problems with making friendships, and forming relationships. 

Traumatic experiences can persist into childhood when a child is sexually abused by family members. An attachment may affect the child’s ability to be able to feel calm and comfortable. Individuals that have experienced abuse in relationships can find it difficult to trust and have a safe attachment with others. Some individuals can find it difficult to be comfortable around others the reason of this can be previous traumatic events in their life. A child can seek safety by a strong relationship bond with a parent. The child’s bond with the guardian can be secure or insecure. A security bond is a strong bond and a good sense of trust between the child and the parent. An insecure bond is when the child feels rejected by the parent and feels unloved with no potential security

The impact of the effects of violence in a relationship with the guardian can leave the child feeling like the parent is unreliable and unable to provide a feeling of security. A child can see the parent as unable to protect them and have trouble of getting close to people from the fear of them being dangerous. If a child is separated from the father or mother, this can have a major impact on the child leaving them feeling lonely and stressed.

Why an attachment is vital when a child is coping with trauma?
A child’s relationship attachment can help them to be capable of having control of their emotions and thoughts.
If they have a strong bond with a parent this can make the child feel safe and secure.
The child, perhaps, may use the relationship bond to make them be able to build up their coping skills. However a child that gets mixed messages from a guardian can find it difficult to try...

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