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How Chinese Dominated Sports Played The Role Of Entertaining The Chines Community Between 1970's And 1980's

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The amusement parks played a nostalgic role amongst the Chinese Singaporeans for their total entertainment experiences. However, in Gay World Amusement Park, its indoor stadium is sentimental to many Chinese Singaporeans. Over the years, Singapore had advocated towards being a world class sporting arena, especially with the hosting of Youth Olympic Game in 2010 and the opening of the new Sporting Hub this year. To see the development of sports over the years, this paper tries to understand how Chinese dominated Sports such as Basketball and Table tennis played the role of entertaining the Chinese community between 1970s and 1980s.

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In modern day Singapore, entertainments are easily available, especially with the use of internet. Throughout the past 2 decades, technology advancements had allowed us to access to any forms of entertainment around the world. The opening of the Universal Studio Singapore (USS) in 2011 is the modernized form of entertainment with a “physical site” in Singapore. However, to a large extend, this theme park accommodates more towards tourists than for the local people. In the past, even though amusement parks provided less fancy rollercoaster rides as compared to what USS could offer today, they brought ceaseless hours of entertainments for the people in the past (Singapore Tourism Board, 2014). The evolution of entertainments available amongst the local community started as early as 1920s.
According to Chan and Yung (2005, P. 105), “the introduction of amusement parks from Shanghai in the 1920s marked the beginning of Singapore’s entertainment going indoors and becoming consumptive.” Singapore had three “worlds” amusement parks, namely the Great World Amusement Park, The New World Amusement Park and The Happy World Amusement Park, which was later renamed as Gay World Amusement Park in 1966 (Omar and Rahman, 2005).
Since their introductions till the late 1980s, these amusement parks were the frequently visited sites amongst the local people. These amusement parks brought in a fusion of entertainments among the multiethnic culture of Singapore (Chan and Yung, 2005). They provided a communal platform for the multi-dialect Chinese community to come together for leisure.
Interestingly, the introduction of the amusement parks in Singapore got influenced from China in the early days when amusement parks were originated from Shanghai (Chan and Yung, 2005). This demonstrates the connection between the Chinese Singaporeans and the Chinese community from Mainland China. In addition, it is mesmerizing to scrutinize how the introduction of the amusement parks were well-accepted by the local community, through transformation and localization of the parks for the multi-cultural Singaporeans.
Gay World Amusement Park
Gay World Amusement Park was opened in 1937 by George Lee on a plot of land between Geylang and Mountbatten Roads (Thimbuktu, 2011). Unlike the other two amusement parks, Gay World...

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