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How Christianity And Judaism Are Alike And Different!

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Judaism and Christianity are two of the many religions of the world. Both of these religions can be found in the Middle East. Although they are very similar, they also differ in many ways.People who believe in the Jewish religion are called Jews. Jews believe that the Messiah is yet to come. In the world there are about 13 million Jewish followers. Jews go to a synagogue to worship their 'Messiah.' They also read the Torah, which is their Holy Book. Abraham founded Judaism ...view middle of the document...

) Finally, Jews believe that they are the 'Chosen People' and that Israel is the 'Promise Land.'On the other hand you have Christianity, these followers are called Christians. Christians believe that Jesus was the 'Son of God' and the 'Messiah.' They also believe that Jesus suffered and died for people's sins and then that he rose from the dead. There are over 1,000 million Christian followers all over the world! Christians believe that Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem so they consider Jerusalem to be a Holy City. They also believe in God and read about their religion in a Bible in a Church. Finally, Jesus established Christianity in 4 B.C.E.Now you've learned all about the differences between Judaism and Christianity but now you have to learn the similarities between the two religions. Both religions are monotheistic meaning they have one God who created the universe. Also, both consider Jerusalem a holy city in different ways. Both religions also have a sacred book that they read to discover things of their religion, although these religions have different books they still learn many similar things, and finally, both religions recognize Jesus in some way, either as a prophet or a Messiah. So, as you can see Judaism and Christianity are very similar but also very different.

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