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How Christianity And Paganism Coexisted Essay

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Beowulf is a great example of how Christian beliefs and pagan views could coexists so well in a poem. The poem Beowulf written by an unknown Christian monk around A.D. 700 compares the beliefs of many to the new beliefs that are beginning to form around the world. The poem shows how the people of the time thought about their world and how the things around them happened and they think that the devil controls these things.In Beowulf, we explore both Christian and pagan beliefs, and how they were able to coexist at the time.
In the poem, Christianity is shown though the understanding of symbolism to create the ideas of Christianity. The “Song of Creation” is made famous in Beowulf as the first Christian reference in a poem. The poem make Hrothgar and his Herot hall be portrayed as God and Heaven. Hrothgar takes the role of a Godly figure due to his belief in Christianity. Herot hall is a symbol of Heaven thorough the way it was built. Lines 460-65 tell how it was built: “Hrothgar’s wise men had fashioned Herot/To stand forever; only fire,/They had planned, could shatter what such skill had put/Together, Swallow in hot flames such splendor/Of ivory and iron and wood.” This shows that only the devil can destroy this magnificent building. The poem symbolizes Beowulf jumping in to Grendel’s Lake as a baptism. In line 594-95 shows that he was protected by God: “Light burned all around him, the lake/Itself like a fiery flame.” The light burning around him is meant to show that God is with him. It is like this any time that the light is referred to. Beowulf is also referred to as a savior because of the many places he has done such

good and the people he has saved from horrible monsters. When he was in a swimming match with his friend Brecca when they were younger. During the swimming match a mighty storm swept them apart the fifth night. That night he had to fight many sea monsters until he found his friend then he stayed with him and continued fighting monsters until they were safe on land.
In Beowulf, Grendel and his mother’s home is a symbol of hell. When Beowulf sinks to the bottom of the lake to kill Grendel’s mother she is referred to as the devil. The poem on lines 588-92 referrer to her house as hell: “Then he realized,...

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