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How Climate Change Affects The Developing World.

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The human race is the main cause of the current global climate change. To make our lives easier and more luxurious we do things that give off Greenhouse Gases which end up affecting us for the worse, not for the better.Some examples of this are found below:Bangladesh is threatened by coastal flooding and is densely populated so the results could be very destructive and endanger many lives.Ninety five percent of Egypt's population lives on land close to the River Nile, many on the Nile delta. The delta is being eroded and will disappear if the sea level rises.The Sahel Region, south of the Sahara Desert, already suffers form drought and desertification. The area will expand southwards as the climate gets hotter.Following, are three less economically developed countries (LEDCs) that are greatly affected by the forces of Global Climate Change.Shanghai is the fastest growing city in the fastest growing country (China) in the world. It is under attack from typhoons and since 2004, eighteen have hit. Every year the typhoons get more destructive, more intense and the waves get ever closer. The rain storm season has become longer and more drawn out and the defences that were built to withstand a one in thousand chance of a typhoon overtopping them, have been reduced to one in two hundred.But old towns near Shanghai don't even have proper water defences so they are even more vulnerable. For example, Wen Sui, a small village to the south of Shanghai was hit by a tremendous typhoon. It experienced:* Heavy rains* Huge floods* High wind speeds* A catastrophic landslide25 people were crushed by huge boulders in the landslide and the people who weren't killed had to be quickly evacuated from the area.The peak summer temperatures of China have increased which means warmer, expanding seas which leads to even more typhoons. This has a marked affect on Shanghai's social development and its economic development because it can't move forward if typhoons keep pushing it back.Another example of the affect of Global Climate Change on LEDCs is the city of Mumbai in India. Mumbai is prone to monsoons and on the 26th of July 2005, Mumbai received one metre of rainfall. That's the highest ever amount of rainfall recorded in one day in India; over one thousand people drowned.Mumbai used to be completely surrounded by mangroves (dense forest in marshy saltwater) but in...

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