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How Climate Change Change The Way We Live

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Climate change is always a controversial topic and some scholars discuss this topic since always. What is the climate change? It means a change of climate may attribute to the human activities or natural factors and it will cause some extreme weather events. In this century, with those human or natural factors, abnormal weather always appears and its impacts are threatening our life. However, most people are not aware of this problem, some potential impacts of climate change, how to affect our life and environment are explained below.
Unusual weather conditions has sounded the alarm about the threat of climate change. It is not the short duration but it is a continuous problem which changes the weather conditions unnaturally in everywhere. The temperature has increased year to year and its growing rate is being expanded. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claimed that the global average surface temperature has risen about 0.6 °c from twentieth century and they foresaw that the temperature will increase 1.9 °c to 6.4°c in this century. This assumes that extreme weather events also appear in Hong Kong. According to the research by the Hong Kong Observatory , Hong Kong had a significant climate change over the past century. Nowadays, extreme rainfall events and steaming hot days are very often when frosty days are more infrequent. This reveals that climate change lead to abnormal and extreme weather events that we cannot adapt to it easily.
Climate change leads to some potential impacts on human and ecosystem that threatens our daily life. It affects us in various aspects including water, ecosystems, food, coasts and health etc. In the food aspect, some people may suggest that food production and plants can be risen when higher level carbon dioxide which causes the climate change is still being produced. However, this case can only happen at the mid to high latitude areas but not at the low latitude areas. Therefore, the agriculture and fisheries are still be destroyed seriously. In coasts aspect, climate change also causes the problem of glacier melting which rises the sea level and leads some severe flooding and rainstorm so the residents living in coastal areas always face...

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