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How Cocaine And Crack Is Effecting Lives

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Derrick Morris
Mr. Van Leeuwen
English 9AE
08 May 2014
How Cocaine is Effecting Lives
How is cocaine and crack effecting people today? The use of the drug can be prevented in many ways, for example the help and support from family members, considering the consequences that can come from the drug, and by attending rehab if needed. If everyone could do this the world could possibly be drug free. That means less crime, more lives saved, and less stress. This all sounds good. As a nation people should try their hardest to stop the use of this drug and all other harmful destructive drugs.
What is some basic information or background information? The drug itself came from a plant called the coca. Back in the day when the drug was starting to become a thing, the Indians would chew on the coca plants leaves. The drug may have been part of Indian cultures for as far back as 3,000 BCE. Indians for some reason would use cocaine in religious practices. That’s unique and uncommon. A while back there wasn’t really any horses available, so Indians used runners and would give them cocaine to chew on. This made them deliver messages rapidly. These runners would travel with no food or water. There is plenty of background information on this drug, since it began so long ago. Over time the drug obtained many street names such as coke, candy, flake, and snow. There are many more names for cocaine. (Johanson 51).

Physical effects from crack cocaine include a rapid increase of heart rate, an increase of blood pressure, twitching, and tremors. Those are some of the major effects not including death. Some other physical effects cocaine may have on the body are, fever, dilated pupils, cold sweats, fatigue, blurred vision, inability to sleep, vomiting and etc. This drug definitely ruins lives and ends them too. Why would anyone want to deal with all these problems? Usually it is stress related. (Holmes 41)
Cocaine can effect pregnant mothers and their children. A pregnant mothers child can be born with many birth defects. It can come out to be malnourished. The child can have development issues. Some are worse than others. In worse cases the child can be born prematurely, or even dead. This can be prevented if the world could care more about the important things in life. People don’t need drugs that bad. Not bad enough to where they kill themselves, children, and their families heart. (Holmes 48).
Have people wonder what crack can do? Crack causes emphysema. Emphysema is a disease on the lungs. It basically makes people cough and takes their breath away. Crack can cause lung cancer also. Lung cancer will probably lead to death; unless tended to and is caught in its early stages. Finally crack may cause brain seizures. That’s probably not the most pleasing. Crack is known to be a killer! (Holmes 41)
Some signs of cocaine intoxication are: awkward movement, and disruptive behavior. In other situations there can be difficulties...

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