How Color Affects Mood Essay

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The design for this study will be a simple between subject experiment consisting of one experimental group and one control group. The independent variable will be warm colors. The dependent variable will be mood. The main goal is to determine if the independent variable will influence or cause difference in the specified dependent variable. The experiment group will spend 60 minutes in a warm paint color room and their mood will be measured. The control group will spend 60 minutes in a neutral paint color room and their mood will be measured.
In order to test this hypothesis 60 students will be randomly recruited. In order to get my 60 participants, I will pick students who id begins with the numbers 08. A total of 30 females and 30 males will be chosen, all psychology undergraduate students from Texas A&M International University, largely in the age range 20-25 years. No payment, other than receive 5 points of extra credit, will be offered for participation.
Colors. Colors are grouped according to their wavelengths. Colors with longer wavelengths such as red, orange and yellow are perceived as warm colors. Colors with shorter wavelengths such as blue, purple and green colors are perceived as cool colors. White, grey and black colors as perceived as neutral colors.
Mood. Colors affect our mood. It is said that warm colors tend to evoke feelings such as happiness, stimulation, motivation, and even aggression. Meanwhile, cool colors tend to evoke feelings such as sadness, tiredness, relaxation, and calmness. The participants will explain how a color affected their mood (See appendix B).
After randomly choose the sample group. The 60 students will then be randomly assigned to 2 groups of 30 each. Each student will receive an email letting them know about the nature of the experiment and at what group each participant will belong. The email only let the student know that color may affect their mood. The study will be not using deception because participants will be informed that they will be answering survey questions about how colors affect mood. Groups will be identified as group A or group B. Each group will be given instructions to report to a different building and room of the University. When students enter the room, the researcher will distribute consent forms to sign (See appendix A). Following that, the student will receive an envelope with sheet of paper containing the instructions and a survey (See appendix B). Experimental group identified as group A, will be given instructions to report to Billy F. Cowart building, room 101. This room will be painted using a combination of red and orange shades. We will use only red desks...

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