Why Is Important To Have Innovation Metrics

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Measuring innovation is important because it allows companies to track performance and efficacy. Davila, Epstein, and Shelton (2013) state that companies often look at the time to value, risk and value of their innovations to gauge the efficiency. However, there are other indicators of success that can help measure innovation like looking at the organizations culture, infrastructure, and exposure to stimuli (Davila, Epstein, & Shelton, 2013). Zappos.com has created a “Culture of Happiness” and uses the organizations culture as its gauge for innovation efficacy.
Zappos.com is an online shoe retailer but their main focus is customer service. Tony Hsieh is the CEO for Zappos.com and he seems to really understand the innovation strategy and culture of the company. Hsieh believes that if his employees are happy, they will be able to provide better services to the consumers (Perschel, 2010). Hsieh allows his employees to dress like superheroes, play with silly string, and engage in other non-traditional activities while working because he believes this allows employees to be more creative, productive and happy. Hsieh has found that this happiness is then passed on to the consumer who is then more likely to repeat business with the company (Perschel, 2010). Furness (2012) reports that 70% of Zappos.com consumers are return customers, so Zappos.com works hard to keep its customers happy it makes sense to spend finances, time and other resources to do so. Zappos.com has implemented policies and metrics to support the “culture of happiness” and increase innovation and productivity.
Zappos.com has been successful at keeping its customers happy through innovations in performance metrics (Furness, 2012). To begin, Zappos.com no longer measures performance by the number of calls a representative takes. Instead, the focus is on the percentage of time and employee spends talking with consumers. This allows the employee to take the time necessary to fully engage the customer and meet their needs without feeling like one must rush callers off the phone to get to the next person in the cue. Additionally, idle time is monitored to ensure that the employees are being...

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