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Why Is The Holocaust Still Relevant Today In Wiesel's Night

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The Holocaust is over and has been for about sixty years, so why are we still talking about it? Why is it still relevant in our world today? The world should have learned from its mistakes, but the sad part is that we did not. No, Hitler is no longer killing millions of innocent men, women, and children, but we are still just still just as cruel only in different ways. Night is Elie Wiesel’s factual account of his experiences in the holocaust. He brings us to a world in which not many people want to go. He tells us the true story of what really happened in Nazi concentration camps. Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor chooses to tell his story and begins to teach an entire generation the dangers of ignorance and hatred.
Just by telling his story, just by writing it down, Wiesel is helping to educate people about what atrocities happened in the concentration camps. It tells us about how he was stripped down of his human rights. “A7713?’ ‘That’s me’” (51 Wiesel). Wiesel talks about how he was degraded as a human being. He is not even considered a person anymore. He is dehumanized and reduced to little more than a number.
An example of the harshness is the selections, where he saw people who slept beside him the night before, get sentenced to death. He makes it clear that just because you passed an examination, doesn’t mean you’re safe. You might have been lucky this time but there will be a next time and they can just as easily give you death. He is basically saying that if you want to survive, then you had to prove yourself strong and healthy, but basically it was all on luck. This teaches us how cruel the Nazis were to the people in the concentration camps. Every selection would be dreadful and you had no way of knowing whether you were going to make it or not. Imagine standing in line waiting to see whether you were going to live or get burned to death. Wiesel wants to show people how awful these camps were and how basically the whole world new about it, but they did not do anything to stop it because it was not them who it was happening to, so they did not think that it was a problem.
You might wonder how the deaths of eleven million people could go unnoticed and why no one spoke up. This proves the ignorance of others. People...

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