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Why Is The Nineties Alternative Rock The Best Music Ever?

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The nineties were an exceptional decade for music which, unfortunately, has not been reprised to this day. The formerly mentioned decade witnessed the emergence of alternative rock music as an outlet for those who were saturated by the excesses that characterized the eighties and the lack of substance of some of its music. Accordingly, during the nineties, music audiences began to value talent over appearance, catchy rhythms, meaningless lyrics, and flashy choreographies. Moreover, throughout this time, music was conceived as a means to inspire and move listeners, rather than a mere tool for product placement. Thus, the nineties gave birth to a phenomenal musical genre that has yet to be surpassed since it created a deep connection with the afflicted souls of a generation, valued music’s inspirational quality over intricate musical arrangements, and introduced the world to a plethora of invaluable artists for whom music was their utmost priority.
Alternative rock music of the nineties successfully captured the distress of a young generation afflicted by multiple struggles. First and foremost, this music genre accurately voiced the concerns of those who could not imagine a thriving future as prosperous members of society, and for whom the American dream was nothing but a distant notion. For instance, in his song “Loser”, Beck Hansen skillfully described the apathy that overtakes an individual’s being when he is faced with life´s unavoidable grim prospects. Similarly, this kind of music resonated with all those individuals who were struggling to feel comfortable in their own skin. To illustrate, in one of its most popular songs, “Creep”, the alternative rock band Radiohead managed to convey the excruciating angst experienced by a self-loathing individual whose soul is plagued with feelings of inadequacy. Last but not least, this music also adeptly depicted the woes of those who were struggling to find a sense of belonging. For example, Pearl Jam’s song, “Jeremy”, narrated the story of a boy who decided to end his life unable to cope with a hostile environment both at home and in school. In brief, the genre in question painted an accurate picture of a young generation’s numerous ordeals.
Unlike its eighties predecessors, nineties alternative rock did not focus on elaborate musical arrangements, but on the music’s ability to move its listeners. Firstly, Nirvana, the band credited with popularizing this music genre, was the epitome of musical simplicity. In fact, Nirvana was characterized for simple musical arrangements that engaged audiences through passionate performances and heart wrenching lyrics. Likewise, Fiona Apple was another of the genre’s...

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