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How Community Newspapers Could Engage The Youth

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As technological advancement continue to unfold, more people, especially the youth depend more on digital media for their news rather than on print media like our community newspapers. Newspapers have gradually been relegated into a less prominent facet of communication. Newspapers are now seen by most young people as a boring means of acquiring news and they rely more on entertaining sources like the internet or television, for obtaining news and information about what is going on around them.
Even with the dependency of youths on digital media sources rising at the expense of the traditional sources i.e. newspapers, newspaper companies can still rekindle the interest of the young people by providing a tightly focused and highly relevant content for them. In other words, if newspapers want to arrest the attention of the youth, they must strive to focus their content not only to serve their adult readers, but also include information that the youth will find both interesting and stimulating. These contents would of course need to go with the current trend in which the youth are involved in. The youth, not only require captivating articles but require enough motivation to make them pick up the next issue of the newspaper. I believe that interesting articles that leave the youth with much anticipation before the next issue would be a good start in better engaging them.
Furthermore, in order to boost the interest of the youth in reading the newspapers, it is important to involve young individuals in the publishing of some...

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