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How Computer Science Changes Teaching Essay

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Using technology in classrooms will shift the roles of teachers and students (Dexter 2). Computer Science has played an important role in changing teaching style.
Education has been changed significantly by Computer Technology. I am from Vietnam, so I can see the effect of technology on teaching. In Vietnam, using computer in teaching is still like a new concept. We hardly learn with projector, mostly with chalkboard. In contrast, when I go abroad, almost every instructor uses slideshow to teach. Before applied technology in teaching, teachers had to write everything on chalkboard. It would be challenging to share information or announce something. Students had to spend lots of time searching for books in library. It was so hard to give examples about new concepts. However, nowadays, with the appearance of computer and internet, those tasks become easier ever. Now, teachers can use slides to give a lesson, show student examples with images and videos. Student can do homework and turn it in online now. Researching process is now faster with the help of the internet. Teachers and students are easier to contact each other now. Today, some tests, which are designed to take online, are even more convenient.
Computer Science has brought many benefits for education. In class students will be more active to learn. In construction or student-centered classrooms, teachers use tool software and information technologies to allow students to work in active ways. “The technology supports the active learning; it becomes a tool with which the students may construct knowledge” (Dexter 2). Students in class can discuss online, read , and respond to other’s essays. Another benefit is the huge source of information from the internet. “In the Pew survey, roughly 75 percent of 2,462 teachers surveyed said that the Internet and search engines had a “mostly positive” impact on student research skills” (Richtel A18). From the statistics, we can see the important role of internet today.” Students will get some indirect benefits when...

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