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How Contact Lenses Work Essay

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You’re walking outside when rain is falling down in icy sheets chilling you to the bone. Water keeps condensing on the glasses lens and fogs your vision. You erase any remains, but it keeps happening. There’s got to be a better solution!
Contact lenses are a thin lens placed on the surface of the eye. They are considered a
medical device that can be worn for correcting vision, cosmetics, or therapeutic reasons. It has been estimated that 125 million people use contact lenses worldwide, which is approximately 2% of the world’s population. Contact lenses are shaped based on the vision problem to help the eye focus light directly on the retina. There are four main reasons to wear ...view middle of the document...

These types of contact lenses are fabricated from the same substance as spherical lenses, but they have different angles to correct eyesight that is specific for each person.. Toric lenses may be thicker in certain parts and thinner in others.
The cornea is a clear layer of tissue that covers the anterior of the eye. As well as transferring and focusing light into the eye, it defends the eye from infection and destruction. The cornea needs to have a perfect curve in order to bend light properly as it goes into the eye.
If the cornea does not curve perfectly, if one half is flatter than the other - the light that hits it will not refract properly and the retina at the back of the eye will receive a substandard image. The person will have foggy sight from that eye, creating astigmatism.
Presbyopia requires both close and far correction .People with this problem most of the time require unique bifocal or multifocal contacts such as a concentric lens, a translating lens, or an aspheric lens. Some individuals with presbyopia may need a procedure called monovision. It uses the most powerful eye for distance vision, and the other eye for near vision. Both eyes are positioned with a different contact designated for the vision correction needed.
The First Contact Lenses
A contact lens may seem like a contemporary invention, but on the contrary, the design of contacts have been around since the early 1500s. It started with a simple sketch by Leonardo da Vinci, which then over time got passed onto the ...

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