H Ow Modern Youth Use And Are Affected By Music

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The topic I chose to do my research essay on is how the modern day youth use and are influenced by the different genres of music that they are exposed to in everyday situations, no matter where they go. I’ve based most of my assignment on the personal observations which I have made while studying adolescences in everyday settings over the period of roughly a month. I decided that the best places to do my observations would be at the local malls and stores throughout Charlottetown where you’d typically find the younger generations at such as Walmart, Target, Confederation Court Mall, and Toys’r’Us to observe how people react to the different types of music being played while they shop. The results that I got were not very surprising to me but what I didn’t expect was the answers I received when I asked a few of my friends about their own experiences with influential music. I was astounded to know that they not only understand what music does to them, but they had also given me some fairly in depth details as to how the music effects them.
Music is found throughout the media, so there is no possible way for youth, or anybody really, to escape the repercussion it has on them. Music has got the power to easily influence teens in many different ways. Rock, heavy metal, and rap are some of the more popular genres that are known to have an obvious effect on a lot of teens. As the popularity of this music continues to grow, teens are at a higher risk of becoming suicidal, sexually active, and even violent. Music is also known to be one of the most impacting tools in our society today and it is something that is unique to each person and is something that everybody has their own opinion about. Everyone has their own tastes in music and each genre has its own ways of leaving an impact on someone. A song can be energizing, relaxing, soothing, angering, and many more. Modern day youth are falling victim to societal conditioning and are completely unaware of it, and not everybody is mindful as to how something as simple as a song can be controlling your mood, and in some ways your personality. After observing friends, family, and the odd passer-byers in stores, I came to the conclusion that music sends a sort of subliminal message to the brain which has an impact on you as a person. I myself am greatly shaped by the music I listen to, and by knowing this I learned how to make myself a happier person.
There are various way as to which music infiltrates the lives of children and how it can influence them. Some examples are direct listening which occurs through an iPod, mp3 player, radio etc., or through discrete manors which occurs when you hear music playing in the background at a store, or in an elevator. Whichever way the music is experienced it still has an impact on the listener. One observation that has helped to provide me with some more insight and reassurance with this topic is when I was shopping at Walmart. As my friend and I...

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