How Is The Genre Of Horror Established In The Opening Sequence Of The Lost Boys

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How is the genre of horror established in the opening sequence of the
lost boys?

A horror film is one that attempts to make the viewer feel frightened
or nervous. One way of doing this that is often used is to make normal
things seem strange or fearful. This is done using lighting, camera
shots, music and sound effects. They often use Juxtaposition, which is
putting two contrasting ideas next to one another, to make the
separate ideas seem more extreme. For example, a shot of a peaceful
day with a very relaxed tone would cut away to some people being
tortured. Another convention of horror films is the use of iconography
to signify certain things. An example of how iconography could be used
in horror is if a garden is growing well and is full of colour and
plants at one point, and when they return to it the garden is dead and
all a dull colour such as brown. Colour is used in horror films as
well. Black is often used to represent evil and white to represent

The title ‘The Lost Boys’ has a double meaning. Its literal meaning is
boys who are lost and that also has two significant meanings as lost
can mean that they do not know where they are or could mean that they
have lost their way in life. The second way the title can be
interpreted is an intertextual reference to ‘Peter Pan’, in which a
gang of boys ‘The Lost Boys’ are searching to find a mother.

The actors and director of the film give a clue to what the film could
be about. The type of role that they play can also be guessed from
what they have worked on before. Joel Schumacher, the director, has
tended to direct gothic horror films in the past such as ‘Batman
Forever’, ‘Flatliners’ (which stars Kiefer Sutherland) and ‘Phone
Booth’ (which also stars Kiefer Sutherland). From this we can guess
that ‘The Lost Boys’ is going to be a gothic horror film itself.
Kiefer Sutherland has worked on ‘Flatliners’ and ‘Stand By Me’. In
these films he has played the antihero and so we can guess that he
will play the same kind of role in ‘The Lost Boys’, however, he
recently played a hero in the television series ‘24’ so he might not
always play the same kind of role. Jason Patrick is expected to be the
hero in films because he has played the same type of character in
films such as ‘Speed 2’ where he saves everyone.

‘The Lost Boys’ opens with a birds-eye view shot panning across the
ocean while the credits are displayed on screen. The writing used is a
very old style of writing and seems quite gothic, which helps to show
what kind of film it could be. The letters of the writing are also
hanging from lines at the top of them, and this might help the
audience to guess that the film is about vampires because they can
turn into bats that hang from their feet while they sleep. This
opening shot allows time to get the credits in...

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