How Important Is Creativity In The World Market?

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NACCCE definition of creaitivity: ‘Imaginative activity fashioned so as to produce outcomes that are both original and of value’ (NACCCE, 1999:94).Creativity can motivate children to learn new information through a creative outlook. One of the biggest issues teachers have is between teaching required content and integrating creativity into the daily sessions. The National Curriculum and state standard often create boundaries towards the teacher’s ability to develop the lesson, as the intention of including creativity sometimes resorts in a teacher centred learning environment. The teacher’s role should be to generate lessons and create activities that encourage students to be more open to their creative side. This is vital as it exposes children with varying learning styles to different ways of learning.
By educating children, we need to prepare them for the life in a fast changing society where they can be responsive, fulfilled and innovative. The ability to use methods of teaching and learning within the curriculum is important when trying to make it possible. Countless amounts of schools have already been familiarising themselves with the importance of creativity and ways of how to teach, how to make the learning more holistic, more engaging and more creative. With the new curriculum complete, there are consequently many more opportunities and challenges for teachers to provide the best and most appropriate learning opportunities for the pupils they teach. The White Paper on education, publicising the new curriculum, stated it ‘creates scope for teachers to inspire’. It foresees ‘teachers taking greater control over what is taught in schools, innovating in how they teach and developing new approaches to learning’ (DfE 2010: 40). While much in the aims of the new National Curriculum accentuates ‘a core of essential knowledge’, it also recognises the importance of giving teachers ‘the freedom to use their professionalism and expertise in order to help all children realise their potential’ (DfE 2011: 1). In critiquing the previous National Curriculum for ‘squeezing out room for innovation, creativity, deep learning and intellectual exploration’ (DfE 2010: 40), it indirectly supports these aspects. This is the perfect time for teachers to take the time to develop and practice teaching methods that inspire and excite young people and allow deeper learning.
Finding the definition of creativity has always been hard; both in education and in its wider context. Nonetheless, it has also been something that has been classed as valuable and worth promoting. The 1999 National Curriculum (known as Curriculum 2000) states, “the curriculum should enable pupils to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to make a difference for the better. It should give them the opportunity to become creative, innovative, enterprising and capable of leadership to equip them for their future lives as workers and citizens” (DfEE/QCA 1999).
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