How Dadaism Influenced Graphic Design Essay

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Graphic design is technically present everywhere- may it be in signage, billboards, magazines, packaging, branding, books and most especially in social media. But people often do not notice it. They don’t actually realize how much effect design has over their daily lives. The truth is, graphic design doesn’t just make something look pleasing. It actually fixes a problem and organizes information to aid in sending a message in the most impactful way possible. With today’s generation, the need to read or view images in seconds, as well as on smaller screens, graphic design plays a progressively significant part not only in creating brand awareness and recognition but also in attracting the users’ attention by evoking emotions from them.1
Dadaists also had the same thing in mind, but they had one particular emotion that they wanted to illicit from everyone- shock. Their may concern was to surprise people, if not outrage.

“Dada was, officially, not a movement, its artists not artists and its art not art.”

Dadaism or “Dada” arose during the wretched and chaotic times of World War I in Europe, which peaked from 1916 to 1920. Because of the war, quite a handful of artists, literary writers and philosophers most of whom came from France and Germany found a common ground in the refuge of Zurich, Switzerland. These people were outraged that the modern society of Europe would permit such warfare and turmoil to have happened so they decided to rally in a very different way- a time honored artistic tradition of protesting graphic arts, poetry and theatre, which revolved around anti-war politics through dismissal of the principal standard in art through anti-art cultural works. 2

So basically, Dada was just a reaction from the Great War. They were too sick of it that life made no sense to them anymore, and if art was also going down in that path, might as well just create non-art, since art and everything else had no meaning in the world anyway. So their actions sought to rip apart the sole definition of art. They characterized their so-called style as chance placement, artistic chaos and spontaneity. Even the name “Dada” was created out of chance, the artists named it...

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