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How Death Affects People In Differemt Ways

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In the novel Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, Yoshimoto illustrates how the main characters deal with death and grieving. Throughout the story she shows us how each character has a type of hobby or took up a new duty to escape their sad feeling. For example in Kitchen, the main character Mikage had a special relationship with her kitchen, it didn’t matter what kind it was she loved it. “The place I like the best in this world is the kitchen” (Yoshimoto 3). Throughout this story Yoshimoto is using four characters as examples on four different types of people dealing with death and how each one handles it individually and together.
To start off, Yoshimoto shows us how to deal with death because death is a big thing people can’t think, sleep, act straight, or even be in public without being nostalgic. Yoshimoto uses Mikage as the perfect example throughout the story. Because once she lost her grandmother she knew she had lost all her family and she would just lay in bed and listen to the hum of the refrigerator to keep her from thinking about her grandmother. “The hum of the refrigerator kept from thinking of my loneliness (Yoshimoto 5). The author is helping us understand that when a person dies people will stay in bed and think of what happened and reminisce on all the good times they had with that special someone. Mikage refers to her kitchen most of the time in this story the author is stating that one thing that kept her up and living her life was the kitchen she enjoyed cooking and being around it as much as she could. When Mikage moved in with Yuichi and his flamboyant mother Eriko, she didn’t feel comfortable she felt strange but she fell in love with their sofa, but throughout her stay she cooked for them to show a sign of respect and thank them for opening their home. Yoshimoto uses Yuichi and Eriko to show how people are offered somewhere to stay to deal with their grieving and not to be lonely. For example most people stay with their aunts, uncles, or close friends and they help out the most they can.
In addition to, Mikage uses her relationship with a kitchen with human characteristics like for example, she couldn’t be away from the kitchen she felt good around it, this refers to how a person would be around their mother and she says she uses the hum of the refrigerator to sleep meaning the hum is referred to a human heart beating and love of her grandmother. Also the kitchen is a place where family spend most of their time and Mikage felt well because even though her family was gone, the kitchen filled in that void. Also later on yuichi loses her flamboyant mother in a fight at her gay bar “Eriko, wounded grabbed a barbell of the bar- it was part of the club’s decor- with both hands and beat him to death” (Yoshimoto 45). Yuichi took up drinking to get over the death, Yoshimoto uses him as the way to not take. People all have different ways to deal with it but doing drugs and alcohol is bad because people become angry and can end up...

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