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How Dell Uses Different Markerting Techniques To To Attract Different Consumers

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Dell is the world's leading computer systems company. They design, build, and customize products and services to satisfy a range of customer requirements. They do more business directly with customers, one at a time, and believe that they do it better than anyone else. In its own business, Dell has enhanced and broadened the fundamental competitive advantages of the direct model by applying the efficiencies of the Internet. Dell led commercial migration to the Internet, launching in 1994 and adding e-commerce capability in 1996. The following year, Dell became the first company to record $1 million in daily online sales. Today, Dell operates one of the highest volume Internet commerce sites in the world based on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating systems. The company's Web site, which runs entirely on Dell Power Edge servers, receives more than one billion page requests per quarter at 84 country sites in 28 languages/dialects and 29 currencies.The company is increasingly realizing Internet-associated efficiencies throughout its business, including procurement, customer support and relationship management. At, customers may review, configure and price systems within Dell's entire product line; order systems online; and track orders from manufacturing through shipping. At, Dell shares information with its suppliers on a range of topics, including product quality and inventory. Dell also uses the Internet to deliver industry-leading customer services. For instance, thousands of business and institutional customers worldwide use Dell's Premier Web pages to do business with the company online.Dell benefits greatly from using three major components to help their business strive, Direct Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Promotions. These are the keys that Dell uses to push their product."Beginning today, Dell Dimension and Inspiron systems will ship with CDs that contain AOL 4.0 software and include 100 free hours to use in the first month of the AOL service" (Dell, 2003). This was a marketing ploy that was created back in 1996 when America Online first started to become big. AOL 4.0 was the first software that AOL came out with that went through the roof and helped propel AOL to what it is today. Dell was the first company to jump on board with AOL and still use it to this day. How much money do you think they had and have made from that deal to this day? This is direct marketing at its finest. Dell looked long-term and saw that the internet was going to be a big deal if someone could provide a service to deliver it to the public. Just so happens that AOL was the first, and Dell indorsed it. Dell brought the consumer a vital product through their systems and because of that, we now live in World Wide Web times. Before the deal was set in motion, Dell was ranked 363rd among Fortune 500 companies for total profits, one year later after the deal, they were ranked 125th for total profits. Dell has...

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